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  • Client relations

  • Corporate introductions

  • Measuring success

  • Mission alignment

  • Opportunity identification

  • Prospect evaluation

  • Reporting and metrics

  • Research

  • Synergy development 


You have a mission and corporations have core business objectives. Sometimes they complement each other, sometimes not. I connect your organization with companies that align with your work and passion. Success is possible when the objectives of the nonprofit and profit organizations aim for the same goal. Are you communicating your programs and strategies clearly? 


With the goal of building new relationships—or enhancing existing ones—I can guide you through the maze of opportunities available to your organization. Key to your financial success is knowing the most suitable and worthwhile programs in your area of focus. I will evaluate your options and create a plan to reach out to appropriate companies. Along the way, I will be available to coach both the nonprofit and the corporate representatives.


Corporate donors and foundations focus on the impact a contribution makes. It is critical to measure your successes along the way to be able to communicate the results to your benefactor. Before embarking on a relationship with a corporate partner, it is critical to outline the goals as well as the plan to measure impact and accomplishments.  Following this strategy will make your arrangement with the company transparent and will simplify your reporting.

"Thanks for your willingness to discuss volunteer opportunities for our employees. It would be great to have them engaged in supporting your organization."

Manager of CSR and Employee Engagement at EA

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