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  • Benefit review

  • Budget management 

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Creative direction

  • Event audit

  • Event coaching

  • Event design

  • Event management

  • Event marketing

  • Event registration

  • Logistics

  • Performance metrics

  • Pricing analysis

  • Project management 

  • Special event planning

  • Team building

  • Vendor Management


Special events are an unavoidable part of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. However, they take so much energy from staff that at the end of the day one might wonder if they are worth it. Well, it's a question that needs answering. An independent audit of your organization's events looks closely and objectively at metrics of viability, financial support and attendance, as well as concept, buzz and relationship to the organization's mission. Is your event still hitting the mark?


Your organization has a young and inexperienced special events planner who needs a personalized Event Planning 101 course. I'll teach your event team to use proven systems and methods to evaluate benefits and pricing, design exciting events, keep control of programmatic elements, create compelling marketing materials, bring visibility to your events and more. 


If you are using your event for fundraising—and you probably are—a fresh approach to benefits and pricing can be beneficial to your bottom line. Sometimes it can make the difference between success and breaking even. Have you been offering the same old recognition opportunities for too long? Do your sponsors want different touch points with attendees?


The look and feel of an event is what keeps guests coming back, posting photos on social media and bragging to their friends. Are you going to the same venue every year? Serving the same meal? Was the program interesting? I can start from scratch or retool an existing event. This is where your organization can shine.



The design of an event only gets you part way there. To bring it home requires good event management. Was your last event well-run? Were people staring at their smartphones or paying attention to your program? From conception, to registration, to cleanup, every element requires someone's undivided attention. When I manage the event, the organization's leaders, board of directors and staff are able to mingle and network and, even, enjoy the event. Isn't it time you had a professional run your event?

"Karen is a tremendous events producer. She is creative, professional and detail-oriented. She is able to solve just about any problem put in front of her. I have 100% confidence in her ability to produce just the right level of event for the audience."

Client at the Philadelphia Zoo

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