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  • Asset inventory

  • Benefit review

  • Business development

  • Client relations

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Corporate relations

  • Membership benefits

  • Performance metrics

  • Pricing strategies

  • Project management 

  • Prospect identification

  • Sponsorships


Every nonprofit has "assets" which are of interest to potential sponsors. Some are quite obvious while others require deeper excavation. Over the course of several weeks, I dig deep into the organization and compile a detailed list of resources and an appraisal of their worth. Together we hone the list to a group of marketable assets and create opportunities for your potential funders.


The asset inventory reveals potential opportunities which can be offered to prospective sponsors. Key to successful sponsorship is understanding the goals of the companies you are targeting. I do diligent research of likely supporters looking at their marketing and philanthropic efforts thus far. History is often an indication of the future, but new ideas can be brought to the fore.



Building sponsorships is important to the viability of the organization, however keeping those sponsors happy and committed is as important. I maintain regular contact is crucial to cultivating good relationships. Recognizing personal and company achievements and lauding new business concepts are just a few ways to stay in touch. Building trust with your partners is essential to growing relationships.

"Karen made suggestions for our sponsorship that no one had made before. They were simple ideas, but made all of the difference in our ROI from the convention."

Director of Brand Marketing at Amgen 

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